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Basic Things to Think About When Applying for Student Scholarships

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous American essayist, poet, and lecturer, "Erudition should not be established out of compulsion, but by arousing a pure interest in knowledge." This saying fits perfectly with today's educational scenario, where there are thousands of scholarships available for worthy and deserving students who want to continue their education at a higher level. In the midst of this preparation, Buddy4Study stands as an intermediary to fulfill the purpose of these scholarships.

Scholarship and Connect to the Digital World

Since everything is going digital, information on scholarships for students in India is also available online making it easy for everyone to access. However, with a computer literacy rate of over 6% in India, more than 90% of the population cannot operate a computer system because applying for a scholarship is still a daunting task for many. This could be one of the possible reasons for the rejection of thousands of scholarship applications at the initial stage.

Online Scholarship Application: A Common Phenomenon

To reduce the use of paperwork and the burden of keeping all records intact, the most common approach to applying for scholarships is online. It not only reduces dependency on others, but also gives you real-time status of your application. However, do you know what are the things you need to consider while applying for the scholarship online? Mostly not. Here are some of the important factors that can protect you from making mistakes and increase your chances of winning a scholarship:

  • Please read all grant-related guidelines carefully.
  • Keep all your supporting documents ready in advance
  • Do not wait until the last date to apply for the scholarship as it can make the process difficult
  • Double check the information filled in the application, to avoid any type of error.
  • Check the scanned documents you need to upload and make sure they are available in the specified format and size
Offline Scholarship Application - Still prevail

Apart from the popular online scholarship application, the offline approach to scholarship application is prevalent even today. While some scholarships offer both online and offline application methods, there are many scholarships that prefer to apply offline by posting only. Here are some things to keep in mind when applying offline:

  • Obtain an authentic scholarship application form, preferably from the vendor or Buddy4Study
  • Please check all important instructions before completing the form
  • Avoid writing or cutting the application form
  • Make sure your form arrives at the provider's office before the last date, so it's best to request it early.
  • Please ensure your form is complete in all respects before submitting

Key Tips to Remember

Regardless of the mode of application you choose, here are some important tips that can help you ensure a successful scholarship application:

  • Be Thorough: As you search for a scholarship, you should pay attention to each scholarship you get. Even a small price subsidy can help you balance the cost of materials and textbooks.

  • Be alert: scams exist. Don't be fooled by outside agents or advisors who claim to provide scholarship money for a small fee. Alternatively, you are advised to contact the respective scholarship provider for proper scholarship information.

  • Be honest – never try to exaggerate your scores or grades while applying for the scholarship. It can create a problem for you. The chances of getting a scholarship for students will be higher if they provide accurate information about their skills, qualifications and grades.

Be precise: Since most scholarships have a deadline, you must be very careful and meticulous when applying.

With so many scholarships on board, Buddy4Study encourages you to search and apply for more and more scholarships online.